The Only Excel Formula and VBA AI assistant that approaches human-level expertise. handles real world Excel structure, solves complicated formula/VBA assignments, far better than other “toy” formula bots, Copilot and ChatGPT.

Supports Windows Excel 2007 or later
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Embrace the future of collaborating with AI

Say goodbye to endless Google searches, leave behind the wait on Excel help forums, bypass the need for Fiverr freelancers.

Generate Formula

Just give the assignments like you would do with your collegues.

Fix or Explain Formula

Already have a formula but need to expain or fix? We got you coverd.

Learn Formula

Master formula skills by doing real tasks with a smart guide.

Draft VBA scripts

Deep sheet comprehension often makes our draft over Microsoft Copilot.

Refine VBA scripts

Perfect code is challenging, but multi-turn chats boost accuracy by +30%.

Learn VBA

Advance through practical tasks with an intelligent mentor. is a first of its kind product

DimensionExcel MasterFormula bot, Ajelix, GPT ExcelChatGPT PlusMicrosoft Copilot for 365
Ease of Description & Contextual Understanding✔️ Fully understands natural language and comprehends complex Excel contexts, including relationships across sheets.❌ Lacks natural language processing capabilities and contextual understanding.✔️ Accepts natural language inputs but supports only basic, CSV-like structures.✔️ Accepts natural language inputs; however, understanding is limited to simple table structures.
Complex Structure support✔️ Handles multiple tables, cross-sheet references, merged cells, and dropdown menus.❌ Does not support.❌ Does not support.❌ Does not support.
Advanced Formula Support & Accuracy✔️ Supports advanced formulas (e.g., LAMBDA, LET) with precise referencing of columns and cells.❌ Supports only basic formulas and requires manually specifying columns and cells.❌Often gets column and cell referencing wrong.❌ Does not support.
Depth of Interaction & Personalized Experience✔️ Offers multi-round refinements based on user feedback. We've found even the most complex formula tasks can be solved within 5 rounds of conversation.❌ No multi-turn refinements or feedback mechanism.✔️ Supports multi-round refinements and feedback.✔️ Supports multi-turn refinements and feedback.
Price$15/month$10/month$20/month$30/month, plus $10 for 365 subscription
ConclusionProvides innovative solutions for professional Excel usage scenarios, meeting complex and varied demands.Suitable only for extremely simplified formulas, not ideal for professional settings.A robust general AI tool, but struggles with complex, real-world Excel structures.While useful for basic needs, its limitation to table structures significantly restricts functionality in professional settings.


Generate, Fix, Learn with the Master


With free trial for 3 days




  • Formula assistant
  • VBA assistant
  • Guide assistant
  • 500 GPT-3.5 responses
  • 100 GPT-4 responses


With free trial for 3 days




  • Formula assistant
  • VBA assistant
  • Guide assistant
  • 1000 GPT-3.5 responses
  • 250 GPT-4 responses

Early adopter Excel power users are already saving hours a day!

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  • Excel Master is unmatched. Its formula and VBA assistants are leagues above the rest. Just the other day, it shaved hours off a project. After 2-4 conversations to fine-tune our needs, the tool delivered exactly what my boss was looking for. The feedback was phenomenal. Other tools? Just toys in comparison. Truly the best out there!

    Carlos Dominguez
    Operations Manager
  • Excel Master has completely changed the game in HR data handling. Its intuitive VBA assistant not only saved me hours recently but after a few back-and-forth interactions, it nailed the perfect solution. My boss was particularly impressed with the output's quality. Compared to other tools, Excel Master is in a class of its own. The most effective tool I've used by far!

    Sara Lin
    HR Specialist
  • excels in the financial sector, understanding the intricate details better than any tool I've used. It learns from iterations, improving output each time. Unlike other tools that require rigid instructions, is like a diligent apprentice, adapting and learning. It's not just about getting it right once, but evolving to get it right every time.

    Emily Chen
    Financial Controller


Frequently Asked Questions

  •’s premium subscription reflects our commitment to providing professional Excel users with a solution leagues ahead of basic “toy” bots.
    Leveraging the costly GPT-4 API and specialized AI algorithms, we deliver unmatched accuracy in formula and VBA generation.
    This places us far beyond competitors like Microsoft 365 Copilot, ChatGPT Plus, FormulaBot, and Ajelix, ensuring real-world Excel tasks are handled with unparalleled precision.
  • Absolutely! We never store customer Excel files. Our approach involves analyzing the structure locally and only transmitting the minimal required data to OpenAI’s GPT API. Rest assured, OpenAI does not use data sent to its API for training purposes.

  • 1. Microsoft 365 Copilot is available exclusively to 365 subscribers, leaving those with Office 2007 to 2021 permanent licenses unable to access it.
    2. Excel Copilot assists only with spreadsheet cells formatted as tables, offering no support for more complex structures.
    3. faces no such limitations and consistently outperforms Copilot with superior accuracy in formula and VBA generation.